Walsall 872 operates again

872 was sent to ThamesDown Transport for repainting and re-trimming in 2012. It returned to The Museum in the Spring of 2013, when it had its traction motor removed for overhaul. This was replaced on its return and all the electrics checked over. Having done that, it went out for a slow test run. As expected, the special hydraulic brakes did not work, but the electric brake and the handbrake were fine. A team gathered in August to sort out the hydraulic brakes, but unfortunately some parts had to be sent away for repair and this was not completed before the intended launch at the August Bank Holiday Trolley Weekend. It was deemed safe enough, however, to operate round the site on demonstration with no passengers during the open weekend. Graham Bilbe (Trolleybus Museum Chairman) and Dave Chick (British Trolleybus Museum Chairman, owners of Walsall 872) formally announced its return to operation and outlined the work still required to once again carry passengers. They also thanked members of the Midlands team, many of whom were present, for completing an internal restoration amongst other things whilst 872 was housed at Aston Manor.

Walsall 872

Huddersfield 541 operates again

Huddersfield 541

541 was withdrawn from service a number of years ago, not long after it had been launched, due to a problem with one of the rear hubs. This required it to be stripped down and the hub repaired by a local professional engineering firm. This all took quite a while, but 541 was tested and put back into service in time for the 2013 Gathering where it was one of the stars of the show, not having had much traffic operation here before.

Restoration underway on Doncaster's last trolleybus

Doncaster 375 makes progress. Over the last twelve months or so, a dedicated team of members have been steadily working on 375. The objective is to get it fit to run at the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Doncaster system which was on 14 December 1963. It had its traction motor removed for overhaul early in 2013 and the picture shows it around this time with most of the paintwork stripped. It has had much more attention since, with dented panels being replaced, all the remaining paint stripped, primer being applied and a start made on the interior. The motor has come back and is awaiting refitting. There is some electrical work to do as well after that, but 375 is on course to be mobile by December. It probably won’t operate in service as the interior is unlikely to be ready, but members will be happy if it can at least move under its own power by then.

Doncaster 375

Windscreen replaced on Marseille 202

Just before Easter 2013, Marseille 202 had its windscreen replaced. This has taken some years, as it is a huge piece of glass (over 7’ 6” wide) and traditional windscreen fitters said they couldn’t do it. Many attempts to get a replacement from one of the operators in France had come to nought. Eventually a windscreen firm who specialise in lorries told us they could actually make one and fit it for us. This was agreed and the job was duly done and dusted in minutes on site (after they had been to measure up and have it made of course). At the same time, they re-bonded the rear door glass which was in danger of falling out, at no extra cost!

202 gets windscreen replaced